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Ethnic and ethic fashion brand, ColorCaly wants to share the art of our Latinos Communities  such as the Colombian Wayuu and the Mexican Huichol  to spread their coloured voice into the world. No intermediary between ColorCaly and our Latinos Communities



ColorCaly brings from Colombia to you this ancient Know How totally handmade from the Wayuu Community. This community weaves for more than 500 years. It takes 4 days to do a unicolor bag and it’s made in cotton and crocheted. Women sew the bags and men sew the shoulder strap


The Huichols also called « Wixarikas », live in the mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Durango and Zacatecas in the North-West of Mexico. The Huichols creations are made in chaquira (pearls) and use symbolic patterns that describes the Huichols culture and beliefs through shiny colors and shapes.They are also inspired by the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind which shows the important link they have with Nature.


WE DECIDED TO NOT WORK WITH ANY INTERMEDIARIES, we are directly working with the wayuu and huichol community corresponding to our values of fair trade and responsability to our latino communities. Each bag and jewel sold contributes for the sustainability of  the wayuu community.

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